Trap Shooting Leagues

New members always welcome! Westgate is always looking for novice shooters to join our leagues. We offer a safe and fun environment for the new shooter to the experience shooter. Come to Westgate Sportsman’s Club Trap Range and enjoy the exciting sport of Trap Shooting. The trap range is only open for organized shooting either on league nights or during open trap on Sundays.

Trap Info:

There is plenty of room available if you want to join a team. It doesn't matter if you are an expert marskman or just starting out! If you want to have some fun while honing your shooting skills give Westgate a call! 1-715-832-4548

Tuesday Night:

This league runs April through August. There are 5 people per team with a limit of 20 teams. This league includes 3 types of trap:
                                       16 yard: Everyone shoots 25 targets from the 16 yard line
                                       Wobble: Everyone shoots 25 targets while the trap is moving from side                                                     to side and up and down. You are able to shoot two times at                                                      each target.
                                       Doubles: Two targets are released from the trap at the same time. You                                                      will shoot once at each target for a total of 50 targets.

Wednesday Night: 

This is a wobble trap league that runs April through August.  Teams can have as few as 5 people per team, or up to a maximum of 10 people.   Only the top five scores on your team count for the night.  This league is also runs a handicap scoring system (similar to bowling).  Each team starts the season at the 20 yard line, with each member shooting at 25 targets.  The following weeks are shot at the 22, 24 and 26 yard line.  This 4 week cycle is repeated until the season is complete. 

Thursday Night Summer:

This regular trap league runs April through August. Each team starts the season at the 20 yard line, with each member shooting at 25 targets. The following week the winning team moves back one yard and the losing team forward one yard. The yardage ranges from 16 to 27 yards. There are 10 people per team with a limit of 12 teams.

Thursday Night Fall Open Shooting:

This open shooting runs September into November with the range opening at 6 PM and is designed for those who want to continue shooting into the fall. Open to members and non-members alike. Normal shooting fees apply.


Sunday Afternoon Summer Open Shooting:

From April through August there is open trap from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Open to members and non-members alike. Normal shooting fees apply. This is also a good time for league members to shoot ahead or makeup scores.

Trap Contacts:

  • Tuesday Night: Kathy Klatt - 715-456-0263
  • Wednesday Night: Eben Davids – 715-864-5971
  • Thursday Night: Bill Candell - 715-379-6470

Schedules and Statistics

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